Internet connection and VSAT

Connection to the internet is the core of just about everything we do in modern day life, be it email, telephone, web browsing, streaming music or watching movies and TV. A good quality, reliable and resilient internet connection is essential for services to run smoothly and for guests and crew to maximise their experience when on-board.

Technologies such as VSAT, 3/4G and wireless can be used to offer a connection virually anywhere in the world.

Our VSAT specialists can design, configure and support installations from single domes to twinned domes and aggregators.

Load balancing, fail-over switches and routers can be configured with multiple internet connections to provide “always on” connections using a combination of the above technologies.


VSAT is the standard technology used to provide internet, voice and TVRO (TeleVision Receive Only) connection to yachts anywhere in the world. Using stabilised small aperture terminals (Very Small Aperture Terminal) yachts can maintain coverage by aligning the on-board send/receive dish with a series of orbiting satellites. A stabilised, gimballed mount can counteract the movement of the yacht to allow accurate and automatic alignment and acquisition.

High speed, resilient, always on VSAT connections are able to provide connections to telephone systems, IT systems, audio systems and TV services.

Paired units can provide 360 degree coverage and be configured for blocking and safe zones to protect guests and crew.


Many marinas and ports around the world offer always on, fast, reliable wireless internet connections. These can be used by a yacht system in conjunction with VSAT and 3/4G to provide an additional connection to on board systems.

3G/4G Internet

When in range of cell towers, traditional mobile phone connections can be used on-board by crew and guests, however they can also be configured for use by on-board systems. Providing cheaper and higher speed data connection than that of VSAT, on-board systems can be configured to use 3G/4G cell services if available and if not fail back to the VSAT service.

3G/4G services are only available within close proximity of land and so do not provide global coverage as VSAT services do, however when available the lower cost and higher data rate can be utilised to provide internet, email, audio and video services.

Connectivity is vital to the smooth and efficient running of any yacht, however communications are often one of the primary causes of on-board frustrations. We work to enable systems that are resilient and minimise the threat of failure.

Ausis One can help with:

  • choosing the system that is right for you
  • designing the system to meet all initial and future requirements
  • installing the system to industry compliance & standards
  • provide system warranties and documentation upon completion
  • implement support services and ongoing systems maintenance
  • designing resiliency, load balancing and fail over systems