Physical Infrastructure

The key to building great technological solutions starts with the physical infrastructure.
Like the foundations of a house, if the infrastructure is not well thought out, designed and implemented then the network and technology running on it is on unstable ground.

The structured cabling system is part of the boats fabric which holds the entire IT, AV & Telecoms communication network together.

A number of technologies have been developed to run over new high speed cabling systems such as Security Cameras, Door Access, Environmental Monitoring and Audio Visual Systems.

All structured cabling is tested and a certificate provided for each cable to ensure standards.

Copper Cabling

Copper Data Cabling (LAN Cabling or Ethernet Cabling) uses twisted-pair copper wires to facilitate the transfer of data from one connected device to another. As networking has evolved, many new ‘standards’ of copper data cabling have emerged (Cat6, 6a & 7).

Cat 5e is the most common, however Ensign can provide any standard of cable that you may require. Ideal for voice and data, copper data cabling offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive fibre optic network infrastructures.

AV Cabling

Copper AV Cabling uses either twisted-pair copper wires or single core coaxial cable to provide distributed Audio and Video around the boat. As structured cabling systems and technologies have evolved much can now be achieved by Cat5 and Cat6 cables

This has led to less and less need for copper AV cables however they are still widely used and provide an excellent mechanism for the final drop to a decoder or sound system

Fibre optic Cabling

Using glass fibres to transmit data at the speed-of-light, fibre optic installations are suitable to projects where fast, high bandwidth, data transfer is required over large distances or where connections between copper cabling aggregation points are needed.

Aside from the potential speed and capacity of fibre optic cabling, other notable advantages over copper include a resistance to magnetic or electric interference and corrosion, a more compact form-factor and a lower loss in signal transmission.

A good quality structured cabling system is vital to any boats day to day operations as it provides the platform for all networked technologies.

Ausis One can help with:

  • choosing the system that is right for you
  • designing the system to meet all initial and future requirements
  • installing the system to industry compliance & standards
  • provide system warranties and documentation upon completion
  • implement support services and ongoing systems maintenance