A good, consistent, fast wireless connection has become not only a requirement but an expectation. Wireless connections can be effected by many external sources so the planning, design and configuration of an encompassing wireless network to meet the expectations of today’s clients is essential.
Radio Frequency (RF) planning for a wireless installation is the beginning of a stable design. Allowing our engineers to map coverage and identify the ideal placement of Access Points (APs) to provide coverage and capacity where needed.
Resiliency is built into every wireless network our engineers plan, meaning hardware failure has limited or no impact on performance and coverage.
Ausis One work with the best, enterprise class products which enables us to offer an unequalled level of design and support.

RF Survey

Our engineers use state of the art software and hardware to allow us to complete full RF surveys and select the perfect placement of Access Points. A survey will also allow coverage and interference issues to be identified and rectified by producing a complete visual map and report of any area.

Marine and yacht environments provide some unique challenges that are not prominent in a fixed or building installation. Our engineers not only recognise these issues but work to firstly identify them and secondly mitigate them. Information provided from the RF survey is vital in providing a stress free experience.

Enterprise Class Wireless devices

At Ausis One we know that the best wireless performance comes from using the best hardware and software. For this reason we utilise equipment that is proven at the highest level. Our goal is to implement wireless solutions that work and keep working. We have worked with many hardware and software providers and have the experience to know which work best.

Our manufacturer agnostic approach means that we can implement the right solution to meet requirements and expectations rather than use the same solution in all cases

Centralised Monitoring and Configuration

Wireless Access Points are often installed in difficult or inaccessible places for aesthetic reasons. This can make monitoring and configuration problematic. Ausis One design and build wireless networks with this in mind. All our network implementations are centrally monitored and managed, this means configuration changes can be made and implemented without any access to hardware required.

Our engineers have many years experience in the management and support of wireless networks and the frustrations that this can produce. Using a central management platform can help to identify issues and reduce the stress associated with failures.

Wireless networks can be frustrating if not implemented and configured correctly, clients expect coverage, speed and ease of access. We understand this and provide solutions to meet these expectations.

Ausis One can help with:

  • RF Survey and report
  • coverage and capacity planning
  • wireless network design and implementation
  • centralised monitoring and configuration
  • support and upgrades