Frustrations with technology not performing or not working are a part of life that we at Ausis One seek to eliminate.

We understand that in a busy world technology should work and keep working, it should not be a source of stress or a waste of valuable time.

Our support and maintenance is built to remove the stress and frustration suffered from technology failure.
Drawing on experience gained over years supporting exacting clients we have developed an approach which is pro-active and seeks to resolve issues before they have any effect on clients.

We seek to contact our clients not only to report issues to them before they are aware of any but to also report that the issue is being addressed or resolved.

We monitor our supported systems and schedule routine maintenance both remotely and onsite to keep systems working.

Pro-active support and monitoring

The heart of our support philosophy is a pro-active approach to our clients, We strive to eliminate issues before they are service effecting. To this end we monitor our clients and implement a scheduled maintenance routine to make sure technology is up to date and working as it should be.

We complete six monthly on-site health checks of all systems arranged at a time to suit the client and we perform regular remote checks and support.

We believe passionately that the best support is born from knowledge and understanding. At the point of initial engagement with our support package we spend time to get to know people and how any systems are operated.

This approach allows us to make recommendations to improve stability, enhance function and target frustrations.

Emergency support

Our 24/7 support provides for issue resolution no matter the time or time zone.

We understand that yachts are an “always on” service and that a guests’ experience is paramount regardless of office hours. To meet this need engineers are available 24 hours a day and if required can be on-site anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to remove the frustrations quickly and return service with as little disruption as possible.

Our support packages are all encompassing and can include emergency on-site support. This means that should the worst happen and we cannot remotely resolve a problem an engineer will be dispatched to anywhere in the world on the shortest route to complete repairs.

We feel our level of support in currently unmatched in the industry currently.

System maintenance and upgrades

Technology changes and evolves, to keep pace with this manufacturers regularly update software.

If these updates are not applied then functions may be lost or systems may under perform. At Ausis One we monitor systems and check software levels against latest releases. Before applying any update, relevant backups are taken and where required updates are test applied in house to assess performance before being applied to client equipment.

Engineers will regularly remotely connect to systems to perform routine maintenance. If this may be service effecting then an outage window will be agreed ahead of time to ensure no client service disruption.

On site maintenance visits will be scheduled with our contracted customers to physically check equipment and address any upgrade requirements.

Technology maintenance is essential in ensuring performance and minimising failures. Up to date systems are less likely to experience issues and more likely to enhance the user experiance

Ausis One can help with:

  • remote maintenance and upgrade
  • software and patch management
  • on-site system and health checks
  • upgrade and technology enhancements
  • routine programming updates